On the Issues


Our nation is facing several decisions which will ultimately determine how we as Americans go on living our lives. We have an opportunity to help make sure our values, beliefs and hopes are realized, despite some of the daunting challenges in front of us. For the past six years I have battled to bring security to our borders, helped give our law enforcement and military the tools needed to beat the terrorists and helped fight back threats against the family values and common sense living needed in our nation.

I am now asking you to help me continue this fight and to help make sure that I continue serving you in the United States House of Representatives as your Congressman.

Since my election as your United States Representative in November of 2004 my priority has been serving you and your families. With your valued support, I have fought on the floor of the House of Representatives and in the halls of Congress. I have fought to make sure that when you need the Federal Government to listen to you. I have given your voice strength.

During my fourth term as your Congressman I will continue leading the fight for our national and border security. I will battle back against those who want to strip our families our of our values and most of all, I will continue to remember that you and your families are the reason for my service to our nation. Please, help me keep these values at the forefront of our government.


Michael T. McCaul
Member of Congress (TX-10)