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Blog: A Record of Valuing Men and Women in Blue

I spent 30 years working in law enforcement in Texas. During those years I responded to difficult and sometimes tragic calls. This kind of work takes a toll on first responders, but we do it because we believe in serving the greater good, just as Congressman Michael McCaul has done for the last 15 years. I support Congressman McCaul because he has a record of valuing men and women in blue. As the former Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, his regard for police comes from a place of expertise. His job included fighting for the security of this nation from threats, both foreign and domestic.

Congressman McCaul has built his career on keeping our country safe. We are a nation of laws, and a country that thrives when social contracts are upheld. Congressman McCaul publicly reaffirmed his commitment to those ideals and to the men and women of law enforcement who embody them when he signed Governor Abbott’s ‘Back the Blue’ pledge last week.

Meanwhile, his Democratic opponent Mike Siegel supports defunding the police and abolishing prisons entirely. Siegel is getting his way here in Austin. The city council voted to defund the police by $150 million, leaving a gaping hole in the safety and security of our citizens. As a retired Austin police officer, and the father of a current Austin police officer, this extreme action makes me concerned for the safety of my son, his colleagues and every Austinite. Imagine abolishing prisons and releasing criminals back on to the streets with the current shortage of officers and insufficient public safety resources. That is certainly not an Austin in which I want my son to live and work.

Just as the new billboards posted at the entrance to Ausin say, ‘Warning! Austin Police Defunded Enter At Your Own Risk!’, I’d like to caution voters – vote at your own risk. With Siegel as our representative, we would be a less safe, less secure, and less prosperous city, state and nation. Congressman McCaul has shown his enduring support for law enforcement by continually prioritizing the safety of our communities.

Thank you, Congressman McCaul, for all you’ve done and continue to do to advocate for law and order in TX-10.

-Senior Police Officer Dennis Farris (Ret.)

Team McCaul will be publishing blog posts highlighting some of the many reasons so many voters in Texas 10 support Congressman McCaul. If you’d like to submit a post, please contact [email protected]