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Blog: Standing up for Rural Texans

My wife and I moved from Houston out to a ranch in Washington County 20 years ago. My time spent in both places gives me a unique perspective on Texas’s 10th District – the similarities and differences between the needs and priorities of communities in both areas. CD10 is lucky to be represented by Congressman Michael McCaul. It’s a big district geographically and Congressman McCaul makes a point to visit with and listen to the folks all across the district and ensure his focus-areas align with our greatest concerns. Congressman McCaul has stood up for our interests in Washington County time and time again.

Creating Jobs and the Strengthening our Economy:
Before the coronavirus outbreak, Congressman McCaul worked with the Administration to build the strongest economy in history:
• Wages were rising
• Unemployment was at a record low
• Two major new trade deals were finalized
• Conservative principles of low taxes, trade deals that put American workers first and limited government will be what get our economy back to record levels.

Standing up for America:
• As the Ranking Member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Chair of the China Task Force, Congressman McCaul leads the fight to stand up to Communist China.
• McCaul is standing up for the farmers and ranchers of TX-10 who rely on China to uphold their end of the trade deal, the tech companies who need protection from China’s attempts to steal intellectual property and trademarks, and small business owners who are being ripped off.

Protecting our Way of Life:
• As a rancher, it worries me to hear politicians like TX-10 Democratic nominee Mike Siegel talking about the Green New Deal.
• The Green New Deal would destroy the Texas economy by:
• Eliminating energy jobs
• Decimating farmers and ranchers with regulation on top of regulation
• We’ve seen the success of free market economics, and know that our livelihoods are better off with fewer restrictions and more flexibility.

McCaul is endorsed by the Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND because of his strong record for standing up for rural Texans. Mike Siegel’s socialist agenda would devastate rural Texas. His job-killing, open borders policies would put rural Texans out of work, raise taxes on rural families, close rural hospitals, and allow the Chinese Communist Party to continue to take advantage of farmers and ranchers on trade. In the rural areas of TX-10 – Austin County, Bastrop County, Colorado County, Fayette County, Lee County, Waller County, Washington County – we are supporting Congressman McCaul because he supports us.

-Tom McMahon, Washington County Rancher


Team McCaul will be publishing blog posts highlighting some of the many reasons so many voters in Texas 10 support Congressman McCaul. If you’d like to submit a post, please contact [email protected]