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Blog: Students for McCaul Support Effective and Bipartisan Policymaking

Although I cannot vote yet, as a student and young adult, there are many issues that I am passionate about! When it comes down to a representative that I support, that representative is Congressman Michael McCaul. As a student, I embrace learning, and to increase my knowledge of politics, I enjoy hearing both sides. I support McCaul as a representative because I know that the legislation that he will support will be what is best for the entire country, not just what is best for the party.

As an intern for his campaign, I put hours upon hours of blockwalking, phone calls, and office work into getting Congressman McCaul re-elected. I do it because I love politics and wanted to support someone I believe in. It is my goal in life to serve the public in the military, as a lawyer, and possibly even a politician, and Congressman McCaul is helping me make that happen. The opportunity to get to know my congressman while doing this work makes it an incredible learning experience.

Our nation would be much better off if we had more elected officials like McCaul. Not only does he have a proven track record, he is ranked the 3rd most effective member of Congress and the most bipartisan legislator from the state of Texas. We need Michael McCaul in TX-10!

-David Cartwright, Senior at Bridgeland High School

Team McCaul will be publishing blog posts highlighting some of the many reasons so many voters in Texas 10 support Congressman McCaul. If you’d like to submit a post, please contact [email protected]