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Blog: Michael McCaul is Defending Texas Energy

The oil and gas industries are the backbone of the Texas economy. Our state was built on energy and is now a global leader in oil and natural gas production. Texas is the energy capital of the world and that’s why Texans understand how importance an abundance of energy is to our way of life. Texans are so fortunate to have the ability to create energy right here in our backyards. Texas energy powers our homes, workplaces, schools and hospitals. The oil and gas industries provide livelihoods for thousands of Texans and allow our state to access affordable energy that is the key to our economy. Oil and gas also provide a significant portion of the tax revenue that our state and local governments use to provide public services. Needless to say, Texas energy is vital and it must be defended from politicians who want to put Texas oil and gas out of business with a job-killing Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal would eliminate countless jobs and destroy the Texas economy by abolishing the oil and gas industries. Furthermore, the Green New Deal would cost tens of trillion of dollars, increase taxes on the middle class, and raise utility bills. Texas cannot afford this radical policy.

We need a champion of energy like Congressman Michael McCaul. He cares about our jobs, our livelihoods, and the economy in the great state of Texas! Michael McCaul is defending Texas energy from extreme politicians who are trying to abolish our oil and gas industries and eliminate thousands of Texas jobs. As a leading national security expert in Congress, Michael McCaul also knows that energy security and energy independence are critical for America’s national defense. For all those reasons, I proudly support Congressman McCaul’s reelection campaign.

-Carl M. Rees, Bastrop County, 36 years in the offshore oil industry

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