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Blog: McCaul is an exemplary voice for Texas families

As a mom in the 10th District of Texas, I will be supporting Congressman McCaul this November. He cares more about getting results for the people of Texas than he does about playing political games in Washington. Congressman McCaul has worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of our children in Texas and across the country during his time as our representative, and he continues to be a leading voice on pressing issues such as human trafficking and childhood cancer.

During McCaul’s time as Chairman of Homeland Security, Ranking Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and Chairman of the China Task Force, he has fought to keep our nation safe. He formed the High Tech Caucus over 10 years ago, looking ahead to prepare our country to use advanced technology to protect us from future cyberattacks. Furthermore, the Congressman has worked to secure our borders, making Texas safer for families and our children.

As a mother, I am extremely grateful for Congressman McCaul’s work to stand up for the most vulnerable members of our community. McCaul goes above and beyond for our children in so many ways. One of these ways is on human trafficking. Sadly, Texas is a hotspot for human trafficking and there are hundreds of thousands of victims here. Congressman McCaul has worked to bridge the gap between local, state, and national law enforcement agencies to allow for open communication and the fastest response to these cases.

Childhood cancer is another cause that Michael McCaul has always been passionate about. When he was first elected, he formed the Childhood Cancer Caucus to give children with cancer a voice in Congress. Mortality rates were too high, pediatric cancer drugs were outdated, and research for child-specific forms of cancer were underfunded. Since then, he has made a difference – paving the way for new drugs and advances in research and treatment. He has worked with wonderful advocates of the cause to not only pass legislation in Congress, but also to raise awareness and give hope to those fighting.

Congressman McCaul is an exemplary voice for Texas families and Washington needs more people like Michael McCaul.

-Kelly Simmons, Travis County

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