Nov 11, 2021      Press Releases      

President Donald Trump Endorses McCaul

Austin, TX – Today President Donald Trump announced his endorsement of Michael McCaul to represent the 10th Congressional District of Texas.


Congressman Michael McCaul is doing an incredible job for the great State of Texas,” said Donald Trump. “He works hard to protect our Borders, defend our now under siege Second Amendment, and support our brave Military and Vets. He will fight for our America First agenda, stand up to China, and hold Joe Biden accountable for his incompetent failure in Afghanistan. Michael McCaul has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”


“I am honored to have the support of President Donald Trump. Under President Trump, America was respected on the world stage and more prosperous than ever before at home. What we are living with today is an Administration completely devoted to undoing every policy implemented by President Trump. Biden’s America Last agenda is having disastrous effects on our way of life and our standing in the world,” Michael McCaul said. As Chairman of Homeland Security, President Trump and I worked hand-in-hand to secure the border. We fought hard to rebuild the military, confront the Chinese Communist Party, and project American strength around the globe.We worked tirelessly to create the most booming economy in the history of our country. Washington Democrats are sorely out of touch with American families and American workers. This campaign is about reminding voters there is a better way – a path that starts by our leaders putting America First.”