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Blog: Thank You Michael McCaul. PPP was a Lifeline for My Business.

US Representative Michael McCaul is a solid leader to his district and America in a time when we need it most. His leadership in Congress is sound, and his service to his district has been crucial during this crisis. He has shown the constituents of TX-10 that he is a representative who will get things done.

As a small business owner, the coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on my business. Congressman McCaul acted swiftly to pass the bipartisan Paycheck Protection Program. This program allowed my business to apply for a grant from the government to cover costs like employee salary and rent. It was a lifeline as the pandemic changed the way of life for all of TX-10, our country, and the world. He also pushed for the inclusion of $1.4 billion in Medicaid funding for children’s hospitals, which brought tens of millions of dollars back to Texas.

I may be a Democrat, but I recognize the importance of a representative who really gets things done. Congressman McCaul’s leadership does not go unnoticed, and his public service makes a difference in our community. I’ve met with Representative McCaul on more than one occasion, and he is personable, open and honest with his opinions and loyal to his district, law enforcement and America. I am a proud McCaul supporter. We need more members in Congress like him.

-Chris Wich

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