Health Care

Michael McCaul has and will always protect Texans with pre-existing conditions, which is why he sponsored legislation to prevent insurance companies from denying them coverage.  McCaul’s focus is on free market solutions to lower costs, improve access and stop socialized medicine and other proposals that would eliminate employer-provided health insurance. Michael McCaul is deeply committed to protecting Medicare for seniors.  

Michael McCaul led the effort to pass the Childhood Cancer STAR Act, the most comprehensive childhood cancer bill ever signed into law.


Economy, Education and Energy

Michael McCaul is working with Democrats and Republicans to create jobs, grow the Texas energy industry and protect our way of life. Texas has a booming economy, and McCaul’s goal in Washington is to keep taxes low, regulation reasonable and ensure Texas remains a great place to live, work and raise a family.  McCaul is also fighting to ensure our schools are empowering students to pursue their dreams and he’s working to make college more affordable while increasing access to vocational education.


Michael McCaul is committed to the rule of law and a fair, compassionate system that allows people who aspire to be Americans, assimilate and contribute to our economy and culture to do so.  McCaul opposes amnesty and supports securing the border.  As the former chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, McCaul understands that strengthening our border is a national security issue and that an open border poses a real threat to Americans. 

Foreign Policy and Defense

As the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, McCaul recognizes we live in a dangerous world, and the United States must pursue diplomacy but also ensure we have the strongest military in the world in order to deter threats posed by countries like Iran, North Korea, China and Russia.  He is committed to strengthening American alliances and working to promote freedom and human rights around the world.

Delivering Disaster Relief and Improving Infrastructure

Michael McCaul worked with Democrats and Republicans to introduce the Bipartisan Disaster Recovery Funding Act and has worked to mitigate the effects of future storms through better infrastructure.  McCaul is committed to providing the federal infrastructure funding and working with the Corp of Engineers to prevent the type of flooding and devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey from happening again.


The son of a World War II veteran, Michael McCaul is committed to ensuring veterans receive the care and benefits they deserve.  The failures of the VA to take care of veterans and deal with the mental health challenges confronting many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans is unacceptable.  McCaul helped bring a VA clinic to Tomball. 

Combating Drug Overdose

Drug overdose is sadly on the rise in Texas ruining lives and tearing apart families. Michael McCaul is fighting for comprehensive legislation to provide more treatment and funding to combat the opioid epidemic, and McCaul’s legislation to crack down on illegal drugs crossing U.S. borders was signed into law.

Fighting Human Trafficking

Michael McCaul has introduced bipartisan legislation to improve communications between law enforcement agencies and dedicate more resources to combating human trafficking.