Border Security

As Chairman of Homeland Security, McCaul worked with President Trump to build the wall and opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants. Now, McCaul is working to hold President Biden accountable for the open borders disaster his policies have created.


Standing up to the CCP

McCaul has spent his entire career protecting America from dangerous threats to the homeland, including radical Islamic terrorism, the Chinese Communist Party, Russia, and Iran. In Congress, as the China Task Force Chairman, McCaul has been a driving force in identifying China as the greatest long-term threat to our national and economic security. McCaul is also fighting to ensure our military projects strength abroad and takes care of our service members at home.


Michael McCaul is a steadfast supporter of school choice and will always prioritize the needs of Texas families over self-serving teachers union bosses and bureaucrats. McCaul will always fight for local control over our schools while opposing mask mandates in school, and the teaching of divisive material such as Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Property Rights

McCaul is a firm defender of Texas landowners’ property rights and opposes the Texas Central Railroad bullet train from Houston to Dallas.

Election Integrity

McCaul supports efforts to eliminate ballot harvesting and other practices that undermine election integrity and supports photo ID at the polls. McCaul also supports maintaining up-to-date voter rolls.

Law Enforcement

The decision of Democratic cities such as Austin to defund the police has been an utter disaster and threatens our social fabric. McCaul understands our children must grow up in safe communities, and he will always be a bulwark against liberal, soft-on-crime policies.



The son of a World War II veteran, Michael McCaul is committed to ensuring veterans receive the care and benefits they deserve. The failures of the VA to take care of veterans and deal with the mental health challenges confronting many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans is unacceptable.


McCaul believes in lowering taxes on workers and families. He has made it his mission to deliver for small businesses, ranchers, farmers, and manufacturers. McCaul is fighting Joe Biden’s administration every step of the way as it tries to eradicate Texas’ fossil fuel jobs. McCaul is also vigorously opposing the Biden Administration’s reckless, socialist spending spree that is causing massive inflation.

Texas Values

As a fourth-generation Texan, McCaul is dedicated to preserving Texans’ values in Congress. McCaul is standing up for unborn babies, protecting religious liberty, defending the Second Amendment, and fighting Big Government attempts to try and tell Texans how to run our state.