Holding the Chinese Communist Party Accountable

As Chair of the China Task Force, Michael McCaul is leading the push for a comprehensive legislative plan to confront the Chinese Communist Party and bring jobs back to the United States. When the Chinese Communist Party refuses to play fair, Michael stands with the Texas factory workers, farmers and ranchers to make sure the CCP is held accountable.

Americans increasingly recognize a simple fact: The fundamental character of the Communist regime has not changed and will never change. For more than 40 years America accommodated the Chinese Communist Party. We hemorrhaged millions of jobs and countless factories, the CCP and its companies stole billions via IP theft, and the CCP’s military presence grew. No more. Now, we’re fighting back.

Michael McCaul and the China Task Force released a 140-page report on the way forward to confront the generational threat of the Chinese Communist Party with 400 policy recommendations to take on the CCP and defend America, our way of life, and our jobs. Read more here: It’s Time to Get Serious about the People’s Republic of China

Join Michael in standing up to the Chinese Communist Party here:

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